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The Flow Nootropic

There are numerous studies demonstrating the effect that Vinpocetine has on blood flow to the brain. It is known as a cerebral vasodilator because it can increase circulation in the brain without changing blood pressure throughout the body.

Higher blood flow to the brain means that your brain cells are receiving more oxygen, glucose and other nutrients they need in order to generate energy. When more fuel is delivered to the brain, it results in better metabolism leading to higher levels of alertness and improved cognitive processing.

The most interesting thing about this effect is that it is specific to the brain; blood pressure in other parts of the body are not affected at all.



Vinpocetine is taken in the daily dosage range of 15-60mg, divided into three daily doses with meals. The standard low dose is 5mg at each of these three meals, with 20mg at each meal being seen as the higher end of efficacy. These doses are taken for the purposes of neuroprotection, enhancing cerebral blood flow, and reducing the rate of cognitive decline.

Doses in the higher end of that range (30-45mg acute dosages) may be useful for promoting cognition and memory formation in otherwise healthy persons, but there is not a lot of evidence looking at this claim.



  • Promotes Circulation and Increases Mental Alertness
  • Used for the Treatment of Cognitive Decline
  • Reduces Neural Inflammation and May Reduce Headaches
  • Shown to Improve Memory in Some Studies
  • Neuroprotective and Anti-Oxidant Effects