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The Cognitive Enhancer

This cognitive enhancer is one of the best sources of Choline you can buy.

Choline is essential for proper brain function and it is fairly difficult to obtain enough just from our modern diets.

In fact, as much as 90 percent of the general population in North America may be deficient in this nutrient. In addition to correcting choline deficiencies, CDP-Choline also has a very powerful brain-boosting effect.

It plays a vital role in a number of cognitive processes like those integral to memory, learning capacity, and reasoning.

This supplement also helps to protect and even reverse damage to neurons and other brain cells. Using CDP-Choline can support proper maintenance of the cell membranes of neurons and gray matter tissue in the brain.

A daily dose of CDP-Choline dosageĀ canĀ improve cellular communication and acts as an anti-oxidant, helping to remove toxins, poisons, and rebuilding damaged cells.


  • Source of both Choline and Uridine

  • Shows Neuroprotective Benefits for Brain Cells

  • May Promote Memory and Attention

  • Decreased Rate of Cognitive Decline in Elderly

  • May Improve Visual Acuity and Protect Eye Health