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The Alpha Brain Booster

Alpha GPC is a Nootropic supplement which has been receiving a lot of attention recently.

Not only is it a very effective brain booster and cognitive enhancer, but it is also thought to have long-term benefits for your brain systems.

This supplement can also promote better of your neurons and may be able to protect and repair damaged cells. It may even improve the efficiency of communications between neurons within the brain.

The result is a boost to your memory, better learning and studying for exams, faster speed of thought and increased mental clarity.

It is also important to understand that most people do not receive enough choline in their diets. Basically, this supplement provides highly effective choline for Acetylcholine conversion process.

Alpha GPC works by delivering the choline and then breaking down, producing Acetylcholine as a by-product.



  • Increases Free Choline Levels in the Brain More than Citicoline or Choline Bitartrate
  • Promotes Memory and Synaptic Plasticity
  • Supports Brain Cell Health as a Phospholipid Source
  • Significantly Improves Cognition in Studies
  • Increases Growth Hormone in Athletes