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Modern responsibilities of a family, job, and school can all create for stressful times. Many people don’t know how to cope with the stress or do not have the time to do meditation and similar practices. The attainment of a stress-free life is never easy, but RELAX can have a huge impact.

RELAX can improve your mood, make you feel more relaxed and lessen the effects of social anxiety and shyness.


  • Reduce Anxiousness and Stress
  • Boosts Motivation and Sociability
  • Increases Mental Energy and Attention
  • Anti-Anxiety and Mood Enhancing Effects
  • Improved Focus, Productivity, and Attention

Nootropic Ingredients

[ Anxiety ] Phenibut is one of the nootropics consistently rated as the best for dealing with anxiety and depression. It offers a lot of anxiolytic benefits, reducing stress and improving your mood and emotional well-being. Many people take it as a sleep aid or to help them relax and decompress during periods of high anxiety and nervousness. 

[ Stress ] Aniracetam is considered to be the best for treating social anxiety and other forms of stress. Aniracetam is a powerful mood enhancer.

[ Mood ] L-Theanine is a mood-boosting nootropic that has positive effects on focus, mental performance, anxiety and depression.

[ Fatigue ] Rhodiola Rosea extract is also used to fight off fatigue, increase energy, and improve cognitive performance. It is also used for mild depression and anxiety.


Taking 1 capsule of RELAX with water, to improve your mood and reduce stress.

Best results are found when taken with food or 30 minutes before eating- the ingredients are best absorbed when digested with fat (e.g., eggs, nuts, fish oil).

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